03 May 2021
Rossana Console
Amazing jackpot with Pierino al mare!

Today is a very good day for one of our very lucky players who managed to win the "SNAI Golden Jackpot" worth € 33,902.55. The lucky slot in question is the very Italian "Pierino al mare", the flagship of Tuko Productions, created in partnership with Arancita.

Pierino al mare is inspired by the famous Italian character Pierino, played in many 70s films by Alvaro Vitali, and is a slot with a fun and fresh flavor, thanks also to its typical beach characters such as the eager to please lifeguard, the clumsy bather, the nuisance child, Pierino and the inevitable beautiful women.

Pierino al Mare comprises the classic 5 reels, with 20 pay lines, and includes 2 Jackpots, the Silver and the Golden, the latter grabbed by our lucky friend.

Tuko has always been appreciated by its players thanks to the absolute randomness with which the jackpots are assigned. Not being connected to any combination, it can be hit by everyone regardless of the winning combinations.