We are very proud of our back-office system, which includes many statistics and reports, both historical and real-time. The full list is difficult to mention in detail but includes: 

- New players (number of new registrations)

- Churn rate (changes compared to the previous period),

- Login (unique players)

- Game sessions

- Statistics for each game and single player

- Top players (by winnings, losses, etc.),

- Jackpot (statistics about active & already awarded jackpots)

- Live Monitor (real-time statistics),

- Royalties (commissions due to Tuko).

Our back-office does not keep any personal information relating to players but only the unique identifier provided by the operator, which is used only for reporting functions.


Help desk:

The assistance/help desk service is available in Italian and English 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Tuko staff uses the Tuko Control Console (TCC) module to monitor the operation of the platform in real-time and to carry out ordinary management operations.


Customized games:

The platform was born from the beginning with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the development of new games. This allows us to create games on request that will remain the exclusive property of the customer who will be able to develop their titles quickly and at very competitive costs to differentiate their offer.



The integration platform is based on standard technologies that use web services with SOAP or REST protocols. Operators wishing to integrate Tuko games can choose between two options:

- Develop on your platform the module necessary for integration (in this case, you can use the language and technologies you prefer) following the technical specifications provided;

- Provide your own specifications, typically APIs, through SOAP or REST web services (in this case, we will develop a dedicated integration plugin compliant with the specifications provided).



Tuko Races System (TRS) is the module for the management of races and mini races. TRS allows you to organize scheduled tournaments between users of casino games.

Some features are: list of games in the race, configurable parameters (race period, ranking field, minimum bet amount, desktop/mobile channel ...), quick ranking update (every 3 minutes), management of rankings in electronic format (XML, JSON) that can be fully integrated into the operator's web portal pages.

Before the start of the tournament, the client displays a countdown at the beginning. During the match, the player can follow his own position, that of the players currently in first position, that of his direct competitors.



BMS is the module for managing real bonuses, fun bonuses, and free rounds.

TCS manages the bonuses (both real and fun) communicated by the operator at the start of the session when these are managed by the operator himself.