1. Who are Tuko?

Tuko Productions S.r.l. is the owner of a platform for the design and publishing of online casino games such as slot machines, table games, video poker and side games.


The project was created by Italian entrepreneurs with the initial aim of approaching the Italian market and then growing into the main international regulated markets. Our offer is targeting all authorized online casino game retailers and third-party companies proposing such services and technological products.


The promoters of the project are the owners of a twenty-years-experienced software house who have been active directly in the Italian public gaming industry for over a decade. The performance, results and quality of product achieved over the years have made it possible to attract the attention of new partners and investors, who have brought new impetus to the project, both in terms of capital and technical expertise. At present, the company has at its disposal all the necessary technical assets and expertise for the development and implementation of online games such as programmers, system analysts, graphic designers and 2D and 3D animators.

2. What games do you offer?

The present catalogue of games is shown on our website, http://www.tukopro.com, and are all accessible in a fully playable demo version.

  • 52 Video Slot games in desktop and mobile version HTML5 . Each game has a different math that includes two jackpots and many other features including Wilds, Free Spins, Incremental Multipliers, Respin, Frozen Symbols and Bonus Games. Most of them are made in 3D (5 with an animated character).
  • 8 Table Games: Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, 7 e Mezzo, Koobix, Poker!, HiLo+, and HiLo+ Italian Edition.
  • 7 Side Games: Roulette, Baccarat, Poker!, HiLo+, HiLo+ Italian Edition, 7 e Mezzo and Koobix.
  • 6 Video Poker: Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Aces and Faces, Joker Wild and All American.


A document containing the detailed technical data sheets of each video slot is available.

Each data sheet includes the game description as well as important values such as total RTP, main gaming RTP, Free Spins RTP, Gonus Game RTP and volatility.

3. When will new games be developed?

The developing of games is always ongoing, whether ones designed internally or those on which we are working in collaboration with partners.

Our roadmap for 2021 includes a minimum of 12 new games being released.

4. I want a bespoke game built, can you help?

The platform has been designed from the beginning with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the development of new games. This allows us to have the ability to create games at the operators request which will be their own exclusive property, created at extremely competitive costs and in quick time, in order to differentiate their offer.

5. Do You use Flash or HTML5 technology?

Historically, for the desktop version the games are developed using Flash, whereas both mobile and side versions of the games are developed using HTML5. All the future games will be developed and released with HTML5 technology (desktop, mobile and side versions).

6. Do your games support Jackpots?

All our slots games can be set up with 0, 1 or 2 jackpots. The operator can set the percentage (%) of each jackpot. The slots can be grouped in any way to share the same jackpots. Therefore, you can have individual jackpots on any one game, several jackpots covering groups of games or one jackpot covering all games.

7. Do your slots have Bonus Games?

Most of our slots have a bonus game. These Bonus Games are based on different algorithms or different artworks. The decision of whether to add a Bonus Game to a slot depends on the volatility of the game itself.

8. What is your average RTP?

The range of the slot games RTP is between 94.25% and 97.35%. The medium value is 95.70%. This percentage does not include the contribution to the jackpot, because the operator can set their own value (both in terms of activation and, if activated, in term of percentage and contribution.

9. What functionality can an operator configure?

To the operator, the following options are available:

  • Rendering of the games with HTML/CSS/Javascript code, or integrated in his own portal or an external page (Tuko server) with an iframe or a target attribute.
  • Jackpot configuration.
  • Functionality of Max bet button.

10. Does your platform have any back-office functionality?

We are very proud of the back-office functionality we offer, which includes a wide range of statistics and reports, both real time and historic. The full functionality is too extensive to mention in full detail, but includes;

  • New players (number of new registered players.
  • Churn rate (variations with respect to the previous period)
  • Login (unique players)
  • Sessions (game sessions)
  • Games (statistics for a single game)
  • Players (statistics for a single player)
  • Top players (winning players, losing players, medium bet value, most active players, etc)
  • Jackpot (statistics about the current jackpots and previous jackpots)
  • Live Monitor (real time statistics)
  • Royalties (commissions due to Tuko)


Our back office does not contain any personal data whatsoever of any of the players, just an individual identifier to enable the reporting functionality.

11. What languages are your games available in?

Our games currently support both Italian and English language. However, the platform can support multiple languages for the players. Preferences and further translations will be discussed when requested by operators.

12. Product integration

The platform is developed using C# and the .NET framework. However, the integration is made using web services which are based on standard technologies, like SOAP and REST.


An operator who wants to integrate the Tuko games can choose between two options:

  1. Develop in their own platform the module necessary for the integration (in this case, the preferred language or technologies can be used) conforming to the specifications provided by the SOAP and REST standards;
  2. Provide his own specifications, typically APIs, in the form of SOAP or REST web services (in this case, we will develop a plugin for the integration conforming to the provided specifications).

13. Where are your games hosted?

Our games are hosted on our own servers in Italy.

14. What service levels do you offer?

Help Desk / Assistance service is available both in Italian and English languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

15. Where are your games certified?

Currently, the Tuko Casino games are certified for the Italian market only and our games appear on many of the operator’s websites who are licensed to offer Casino games in Italy.

16. We have a business outside of Italy, when will your games be available for us?

Our roadmap for 2021 includes expanding into the licensed, regulated international markets. We hope, in the near future, to have certified games and RNG for the regulated countries where potential partners may operate.

17. What license do you offer on your product?

We offer a non-exclusive license for the use of the platform as a game service and as a back office on the Tuko Production server. As described earlier, if we build a specific game at the request of an operator this can be done on an exclusive basis.

18. Can we sub-license your product?

This can be considered and is only allowed after authorization and contractual agreement. In any case, it will only be a possibility in a jurisdiction where gambling is legal, the client is a retailer and the games have been certified for use.

19. Why do you have an ethical code on your website?

We pride ourselves on being open and transparent in everything we do, whether working with partners or with internal policies, procedures and staff.

The Ethical Code forms the basis on how we operate as a business and we would not consider working with a company who does not share our values in this respect, nor take into our workforce someone not supportive of these standards.

20. As an operator, why should we consider offering your games?

We feel that over the years we have developed a strong offering and gained a high level of respect as a business in the Italian market, which we aim to replicate on the internationally.

We would consider these amongst out list of strengths;

  • The Tuko Casino Suite platform is designed, developed and managed fully in-house by analysts, programmers, mathematicians, system administrators and 2D and 3D graphic designers. This makes us dynamic and able to respond quickly both to customers’ requirements and new developments within the industry.
  • All our games (Slot Games, Table Games, Video Poker, Side Games) are developed based on internal frameworks that constitute the bricks of the platform. This permits us to develop new games very quickly. It's possible to develop customized and exclusive games for operators who want to enrich their offer with products dedicated to their players. Furthermore, innovative operators can realize new game ideas that they have so as to be attractive for their particular market and customer base.
  • The Tuko back-office has great depth and functionality allowing excellent management of the games and players.
  • Tuko is also focusing on developing side games which are designed to be displayed directly on any web page of the operator. This allows these games to entertain the players during quieter moments, like the beginning of a poker tournament, before the start of a Live sports event etc.
  • The operators who are already offering Tuko games appreciate the smooth running of the games and are highly satisfied with the accuracy of the volatility and RTP thresholds as described in the documentation.